Haddock has a slightly sweet taste, with lean white flesh and medium flakes. The texture is firm yet tender after cooking.
In northern Europe haddock is a popular choice for fish & chips.

Haddock is found on both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean, from the Bay of Biscay in the east and north to the Barents Sea and Iceland. In Norway, haddock is common along the entire coast. Haddock can reach a length of 110 cm and weigh up to 20 kg. They feed on small invertebrates, squid and fish.

  • Melanogrammus aeglefinus
  • Nutrition values / Valeur nutritive / Nährwerte 100 g: Energy / Energie: 290 kJ / 68 kcal, Fat / Lipides / Fette: 0,2g, Saturated fatty acid / Un acide gras saturé / Gesättigte Fettsäure: 0 g, Unsaturated fatty acids / Les acides gras saturés / Ungesättigte Fettsäuren: 0,1 g, Carbohydrate / Glucides / Kohlenhydrate: 0 g, Protein / Protéines / Eiweiss: 16,6 g, Salt / Sel / Salz: 0,2 g .*