The Boat and it's crew

Named Granit after the solid Norwegian rock, Granit is closely related to the forces of nature. As of today, it is also one of the largest vessel's of its kind in Norway and it is a state of the art-ship when it comes to the speedy processing facilities onboard.

The crew is basically from the western part of Norway, where fishing has been deeply rooted for hundreds of years.

As we say onboard Granit;

“our fishing is rock solid”

  • Captain

    Bjørn Kristiansen

  • Captain

    Bjørn Moldskred

  • Factory manager

    Anthony Harald Mattiello

  • Factory manager

    Håkon Arne Giske

  • CREW: In normal operation there will be about 34 people on board.
    2 navigators, 3 ship engineers, 1 factory mechanic, 2 chefs, 1 factory manager, 3 foremen, 2 trawl bosun and 20 fishermen. Each shift has 12 people and in the factory it is headed by a foreman. Each trip usually lasts for 5 weeks.

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